New bill would double punishment for repeat-offender terrorists

Bennett: "Every one who was murdered has a name and a face. It is important that we internalize that."

Naftali Bennett (photo credit: MARC ISRAEL SELLEM/THE JERUSALEM POST)
Naftali Bennett
New legislation seeks to double the punishment for any terrorist who returned to attacking Israelis after being released from prison.
Knesset Law, Constitution and Justice Committee chairman Nissan Slomiansky (Bayit Yehudi) proposed the bill on Monday, a day after security forces arrested terrorists who killed Malachi Rosenfeld three weeks ago, who were freed in the 2011 deal to release then-captive soldier Gilad Schalit in exchange for over 1,000 Palestinian terrorists.
Slomiansky said "this proves that there must be a deterrent against the terrorists who try again and again to deal in terrorism."
The bill also states that terrorists who are freed in a deal and imprisoned again cannot be released in future agreements.
According to the bill's explanatory portion, freeing prisoners "harms the deterrence of the State of Israel in general and the IDF specifically and increases the will and courage of terrorists to continue to perpetrate terrorist attacks of every kind."
Slomiansky cited studies that show over half of released terrorists return to their former activities, and said the bill is meant to increase deterrence.
Also Monday, in a Bayit Yehudi faction meeting, Education Minister Naftali Bennett listed Israelis who were killed by terrorists released in the Schalit deal.
"Every one who was murdered has a name and a face, a family and a life that is no longer, but on the day the Schalit deal was enacted, we did not know their names and faces," Bennett said. "It is important that we internalize that. Just because we still do not have the exact addresses of future victims of terror does not make us immune to it.
"That is why we are clarifying that we will not release any more terrorists. Period," he stated.