Prisoner swap

Iran says US should explain links to prisoner Jamshid Sharmahd

US envoy for Iran, Abram Paley, met on Friday with the family of Sharmahd, who was convicted of heading a pro-monarchist group accused of a deadly bombing in 2008.


Could US, Iran 'mini-deal' lead to nuclear deal revival? - opinion

A significant insight drawn from the “mini-deal” of the prisoner exchange is that there exists potential for replicating a major agreement concerning the revival of the nuclear deal.

Iran says prisoner exchange process with US will take up to two months

Earlier this month, Tehran and Washington reached an agreement whereby five US citizens held in Iran would be freed.

Iran’s foreign ministry talks Saudi ties, US prisoners, Kurds and Russia

The Iranian foreign ministry says it is working to bring “security” to the region and has been sending envoys to Qatar, the UAE and other states.

Prison cell block

White House official denies Iranian prisoner swap deal reached

For many years, Tehran has sought the release of more than a dozen Iranians in the United States, including four Iranians with no legal status in the US.


Why is Iran obstructing the prisoner deal? - opinion

Charging America with “bad faith” and suspending the talks for a while is no more than a ploy to conceal how anxious Iran is for the release of its frozen assets.

Some Ukrainian Snake Island defenders still in Russian captivity

The resistance of the Snake Island defenders and the now-famous line "Russian warship, go f*** yourself” played an important part in Ukraine's narrative.

Ukraine, Russia swap prisoners, bodies of British volunteers returned

The bodies of British aid workers were returned to Ukraine before making their way back to the UK.


Hamas: Prisoner swap deal with Israel, Netanyahu possible - report

Hamas, after it shared footage of Avera Mengistu, said most prisoner swap deals were with right-wing Israeli governments.


Why don't Israelis, Diaspora Jews care about Avera Mengistu? - opinion

It seems that Avera Mengistu is too black and poor for the Israeli government to care and too Israeli for the international community to care.

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