Right-wing activist silenced on Facebook

"The Left despises and fears Jewish identity and tradition."

Ayelet Lash (photo credit: FACEBOOK)
Ayelet Lash
(photo credit: FACEBOOK)
Ayelet Lash, a right-wing activist, has been blocked from using Facebook for 30 days after she posted a response to MK Tamar Zandberg's post commemorating the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin.
Lash posted on the Meretz MK's page that she "would rather teach my children about our matriarch Rachel and her heritage, than Rabin's 'glorious heritage.'"
Lash, who lives in Rehelim in the West Bank, holds that her opinion may be not be popular among Meretz supporters, but is inherently inoffensive. However, she told Arutz Sheva that "Leftists reacted to my words with curses, scorn, wishes of death, and so on." Lash complained of a hypocritical left which espouses tolerance while not permitting dissenting opinions.
According to Lash, scores of leftists complained to Facebook and flagged her posts as abusive.
"The Left, which likes to constantly complain about ‘incitement,’ doesn’t spare curses, debased language, and negative wishes for anyone who doesn’t think like it. The Left, which respects and ‘includes’ the Arab enemy and its culture, despises and fears Jewish identity and tradition," Lash said.
After attempting to log in to her Facebook account, Lash received a notification that her account has been temporarily suspended and she will be unable to use the social networking site for 30 days.