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Changing ideologies: Three people who changed their worldview

NATIONAL AFFAIRS: It could be a former socialist hippie who became a venture capitalist, a haredi woman who became a fashion mogul, or the son of a Hamas terrorist who became a Zionist.


Politics of guilt: Why does the Left oppose 'occupation' - opinion

Although many in the international community promote a two-state-solution and ending the occupation, they are oblivious to the danger this poses to Israel.


Bennett, Shaked security levels raised to 2nd highest amid death threats

Labor Party chairwoman Merav Michaeli: "[Netanyahu's] hatred is the main reason why I have always refused to sit with him and why I am so committed to replacing him."

The Left, Hamas are boosting Netanyahu - opinion

In a perverse way, the whole scenario boosts Netanyahu and his the-whole-world-hates-us enablers – from Hamas’s bombing to the Left’s bashing to the antisemites’ bullying.


When did a left-wing government become a danger? - opinion

Today, the demonization and bad-mouthing of the leftists/liberals/socialists is undoubtedly much more widespread than several decades ago.

The Left should insist on an Arab minister - opinion

When we go out to the polls again, be it in 2021 or 2025, the Center-Left will still need to face the Arab public and convince them to vote and to give them their support.


The Left, Right are both correct and wrong about Israel - opinion

No one narrative is fully correct, and the truth (whatever it may be) will often upset the partisans among us. So let’s try to set the record straight (or further complicate it) on a few issues.

Elections over, time to rethink, reorganize, rebuild the Left - opinion

Breaking down existing political parties and creating a new political movement is not going to be an easy task.

Bennett: I won’t join gov’t led by Lapid; Netanyahu: He’s in Purim costume

"I am prepared to sit in any national government. I am in the camp of the people of Israel, and we have to keep the government in the national [right-wing] camp."

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