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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu looks on as he delivers a statement during his visit at th
'So why does the Left hate Netanyahu so much?'

Though I do not deny Netanyahu’s many economic and political achievements, I shall be happy to see the Netanyahu era come to an end as a result of Monday’s elections. It might or might not happen.

Labor leader Amir Peretz and Meretz chairman Nitzan Horowitz
Left-wing politicians: 'The era of annexation, Arab transfer has ended'

The time has come to end any talk of unilateral annexation and the transfer of Israeli-Arabs to a Palestinian state, the leaders of Labor-Gesher-Meretz said.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meets with Russian President Vladimir Putin, January 30, 2020
Judaism’s liquidoxy rejects extremes, Right and Left

Imagine some truly dangerous people who should be kept away from key institutions.

Left rallies in Tel Aviv against ‘apartheid,’ ‘transfer’ plan

True peace can only be achieved between the Israeli and Palestinian leadership and not between two leaders.

The Israeli left is dead. Can Jewish and Arab cooperation save it?

Among the Jewish population in Israel, the traditional ideals and policy priorities of the left are not realistic or particularly pressing.

Encountering Peace: Maybe next time

It is not only Arab voters who are deeply disappointed with the construct of the merged list. Israel needs a new vision and pragmatic camp of leaders.

ALESTINIANS PASS through at checkpoint at the Kalandia crossing in Jerusalem
It’s not just ‘leftists’ who support a two-state solution

The two-state solution should not be considered to be a partisan issue, but rather an issue over different values.

Want a change? Don’t change anything

No matter what the polls say, no matter which politician disappoints you, and what campaign will excite you, you must go out and vote for the same party you voted for in September.

Menashe Zalka
Soccer star withdraws from project over New Israel Fund backing

Menashe Zalka withdrew from the All Star Team Initiative after learning of the NIF's involvement.

Labor MK Omer Bar-Lev
Left-wing MKs accuse Netanyahu of starting war for political advantage

The comments drew criticism from MKs on the Right and the Left

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