Sa'ar proposes three-point plan to combat violence in Arab communities

Arab-Israeli communities have been severely affected by violence in the past year, which has resulted in numerous murders, assaults and damage to property.

Gideon Saar (photo credit: Courtesy)
Gideon Saar
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Gideon Sa'ar, chairman of the New Hope Party, announced while on a visit to the mixed Arab-Jewish city of Lod a three-point plan to fight the epidemic of violence impacting Arab communities, according to a press release from the party Wednesday.
Speaking with residents of the city, Sa'ar said that “What is happening here in Lod, in the center of the country, is utterly disgraceful: the loss of any sense of personal security for the residents, the violence that manifests itself in many forms, the use of illegal weapons, which is extremely common in the Arab sector.
“This undermines the very foundations of our existence here – not only in Lod but also in the Negev and the Galilee, in terrorism against farms – and it must end," he said. "The State of Israel carries out much more complex tasks far beyond our borders, and there is no reason for Israeli citizens here in Lod to live in an 'extra-territorial' area where the laws of the state, and law and order do not apply." he said.
Arab-Israeli communities have been severely affected by violence in the past year, resulting in numerous murders, assaults and damage to property.  Sa'ar's visit to Lod came as vehicles in the community were set on fire last week.
“I proposed a three-point plan: Collection of all illegal weapons by the end of 2021," he said. "There are huge amounts of illegal weapons, shops and entire warehouses of everything from pistols to missiles, which also end up in the hands of children. The first stage of the operation could include voluntarily surrender of weapons, and in the second stage anyone caught trafficking or possessing an illegal weapon will be severely punished.
“Second, is a minimum penalty for possession and trading of an illegal weapon," Sa'ar continued. "I brought such a proposal to the Knesset, but unfortunately the Netanyahu government blocked this move, a move that is important for the Arab public, which is calling out in pain, but also important for the Jewish public.
“Thirdly, and vital, is to declare war on the criminal organizations – something the Israeli police have done in the past, and must do within Arab society today – to fundamentally change the situation," the New Hope leader concluded as part of his plan.
Expressing his doubts over the Netanyahu government's policies in combating violence, Sa'ar said that, "sadly at the moment, the government is not doing anything. The significance of this inaction is severe, and we see its impact in the daily lives of so many Jewish and Arab citizens.
"We see cars burned as a ‘response’ to the demolition of illegal construction," he said. "Any serious country must ensure law and order throughout its territory, and that is what a New Hope government under my leadership will do.