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Sa'ar hires anti-Trump Republican strategists

Huldai: I want Blue and White, not Gantz


Gideon Sa'ar: Only I can replace Benjamin Netanyahu

EXCLUSIVE: Gideon Sa’ar tells the 'Magazine' he brings less baggage to the Iran issue and would get along better with the Biden administration

Former NY consul-general Dani Dayan running with Sa'ar

Dayan shares Sa'ar's Argentine background

MK Yair Lapid speaks during a protest against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu calling on him to qu

Lapid: Ready to cooperate with Sa'ar in government

Sa'ar: We won't let Trump behavior happen here.


‘Post’ poll shows mergers capable of bringing down Netanyahu

Two polls show different trends on center-left - one with Huldai and Gantz still in play, another with Gantz below the threshold and Lapid picking up votes.

Naftali Bennett

Poll: Bennett and Yamina would rise by 2 seats without Smotrich

Netanyahu bloc unable to form government with only ultra-Orthodox parties and Yamina.

Gideon Saar

Sa'ar proposes three-point plan to combat violence in Arab communities

Arab-Israeli communities have been severely affected by violence in the past year, which has resulted in numerous murders, assaults and damage to property.

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