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Israel elections: Israel is in for a wild campaign season - opinion

In Israel, every day is dramatic and this is true all the more so in politics. This campaign season will be primal and highly charged.


Research shows Blue and White voter profiles closer to Yesh Atid than to New Hope

A new analysis breaks down voter profiles based on differing criteria, including ethnicity, income, political camp, religious observance, gender and age.

Likud, New Hope fined NIS 250,000 for party funding infractions

Part of the deficit came from parties who did not make it into the Knesset and could not return the funds they loaned from it. These included Ichud Leumi, Gesher, Telem and Kulanu.

Israel Elections: New poll finds no bloc can form a government

According to a new poll, the bloc of parties supporting Netanyahu would earn 59 seats, while the opposing bloc would earn 51.

Israel needs a new political culture, not mergers - analysis

Political mergers -- as dramatic as they may seem -- are not going to extricate Israel from its political morass.


Gantz and Sa'ar sign political merger in bid to take votes from Lapid

"The citizens of Israel need a functioning government that will take care of its national security," Gantz said in a joint press conference on Sunday night.

Is there hope for New Hope in upcoming Israeli election? - analysis

If Ayelet Shaked decides that Yamina will run alone, the duel over anti-Netanyahu right-wing voters may sway the entire election.

Israel elections: How could party composition change? -analysis

The first possible merger is Yamina and New Hope. * A second possible merger is between New Hope and Defense Minister Benny Gantz’s Blue and White.

Drugs [illustrative]

NIS 85 mil. to be allocated for treating addiction in new government plan

Addiction in Israel is not currently treated under one specific service and instead is mostly outsourced to various organizations.

New elections will reverse positive developments - opinion

Perhaps the chances of the Government of Change to survive were never very good. However, to categorize it as a historic mistake that should never have happened, and should never be repeated.

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