Shlomo Artzi pays tribute to Barkan terror victim

In a moving tribute, Artzi dedicated his "After it All, You're a Song" to Ziv Hajbi, who was murdered last week.

Ziv Hajbi, Shlomo Artzi (photo credit: FACEBOOK/WIKIMEDIA COMMONS)
Ziv Hajbi, Shlomo Artzi
On Saturday night, Ziv Hajbi should have been at a concert by Israeli singer Shlomo Artzi to celebrate his 35th birthday.
But he never got the chance. Hajbi was murdered alongside Kim Levengrond-Yehezkel in a terrorist attack last week at the Barkan Industrial Park.
Instead, Artzi paid tribute to Hajbi at his concert in Caesarea.
“Ziv Hajbi was murdered this week when he went to work one morning,” Artzi told the crowd on Saturday evening. “A few days ago, I found out that he had tickets to this show, here, and he was supposed to turn 35 today. I want to dedicate this song to his family, and to his memory. For Ziv Hajbi.”
The singer then performed an emotional rendition of “After it All, You’re a Song” – which he first recorded in 1979 – as many in the crowd sang along.