Shuli Rand on marrying a second wife: I want to be free

"I want a permit, I want to be free," said Rand.

Shuli Rand  (photo credit: JASON GILBERT)
Shuli Rand
(photo credit: JASON GILBERT)
The news that a haredi celebrity, who has been in a dispute with his wife for many years, had received permission from a rabbinical court to marry a second wife, sparked outrage on the internet. It is now possible to reveal that the haredi in question is Shuli Rand.
Rand, who is in a long-running dispute with his wife and the mother of his children, Michal Rand, began dating the television host and journalist Tzofit Grant in the past year.
On Thursday, Rand was interviewed by Hen Lieberman on Channel 13's "The Source," to tell his story.
"The court still hasn't given me permission," Rand said on the show. "No one has given me permission. Michal came and publicized it beforehand with a loud shout. She calls it bigamy and so on and so forth."
Why can a man get a permit and women can't?
"Okay, it's true that there is no situation in Judaism to let a woman, as long as she is in the definition of being married, get married. There is no such thing. On the other hand, with a man there is such a thing, if it is discrimination it started somewhere our holy Torah was written. Okay, that's the way it is."
There are other ways and a man according to Jewish law can live with another wife.
"I want a permit, I want to be free."
Rand additionally spoke about his wife Michal and the special process he requested which includes the approval of 100 rabbis. "The court has made tremendous efforts including exorbitant proposals to resolve this matter financially, because it could have been ok if I was Bill Gates. I'm not sure, perhaps. But I, all that can be given to a person, that I was able to give, what I have and what I don't have..."
What is the amount that she (Michal) wanted?
"NIS five million, something like that, five million."