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Israel's wild boars push Haifa couple to file for divorce

A married couple from Haifa are planning on getting a divorce, after wild boars infiltrated their private garden. The couple seems to disagree about the proper way of addressing the issue.

Couples that couldn’t marry in Israel are now married with children

Two years after three Israeli couples traveled to Washington, DC so they could be married in a Jewish ceremony, they each have welcomed their first child, and Israel has undergone four elections.

THE RABBINICAL Court’s Division for Agunot in Jerusalem.

Insta-shaming is not enough, we need a solution for Agunot - opinion

Instagram is not novel, the medium is new, but the message is the same.


Bnei Menashe and a marriage made in Zion

Those tying the knot were among the more than 250 Bnei Menashe who arrived in Israel in mid-December on a special EL AL charter flight arranged by Shavei Israel.

Mavoi Satum - Helping women in chains to eradicate divorce denial

The organization, founded in 1995, is at the forefront of the struggle in Israel to help free 'agunot,' or chained women.

get refusal

UK bill change would make it easier to punish Jewish divorce refusers

If convicted of coercive behavior, recalcitrant spouses may face up to five years in jail.

A poster illustrating the chained marriage of Rivka, 41, who has been refused divorce by her husband

Agunas are 'strangled' in abusive marriages - so they protested

"The pain in my heart is deep as I remain in a state of perpetual waiting," said Rivka, 41, one of the women featured on the posters in the protest.

An illustrative photo of a Jewish wedding in front of the Mediterranean Sea.

Court: Halls don't have to return deposits for canceled corona weddings

Nearly a year after the coronavirus first began upending regular life, the court finally ruled that the law will not apply for agreements that were signed after March 12, 2020.

Blue and White party leader Benny Gantz walks in the Israeli Parliament during a vote on a bill to d

Gantz proposes legislation for civil unions

COVID-19 crisis has closed down air travel, meaning thousands of Israeli couples have been unable to marry in civil marriages. Labor leader criticizes Gantz for not backing civil marriage proposals.

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