VIDEO: Son of MK among those arrested in soccer fan brawl outside Tel Aviv courthouse

Reverberations of attack by fan at Tel Aviv soccer match continue to rock Israel; MK Dov Henin says he is concerned for arrested son.

Soccer fans brawl outside Tel Aviv courthouse
The son of MK Dov Henin (Hadash) was among those arrested in a brawl between soccer fans outside of a Tel Aviv courthouse on Tuesday.
The plaza outside the Tel Aviv Magistrate’s Court was the site of the fracas, as supporters of rival soccer teams exchanged blows after a remand hearing for fans arrested during a brawl at the Maccabi Tel Aviv – Hapoel Tel Aviv match on Monday night.

During the brawl on Tuesday, police arrested three fans, including Henin's son, and they were expected to be brought for a remand extension either Tuesday or Wednesday morning.  

Henin  said in a statement that he was aware of the arrest and was concerned for the well-being of his son.
"As a soccer fan for many years, tolerance on the soccer field is important to me. I reject all violence in Israeli sports and hope that we will suceed together as a society to clean-up the violence in soccer.

On Monday night, the rivalry match between Maccabi and Hapoel at Bloomfield Stadium was stopped halfway through after it descended into chaos, beginning when a Hapoel fan ran on the pitch and attacked Maccabi midfielder Eran Zahavi.

A total of 12 people were arrested during the brawl on Monday night. They included 35-year-old Elroi Yadai, the fan who jumped on the field and attacked Zahavi. The judge ordered Yadai kept in custody for two days, saying he poses a threat to the public and because of the seriousness of the allegations against him.

After Monday night’s match Justice Minister Tzipi Livni on Tuesday expressed alarm at the level of violence permeating Israeli society, saying “yesterday it happened on the pitch. We saw the ugly violence that is blowing up in our faces in reality."

"The violence is penetrating our squares, our sports, and in the end, our social media networks and our children's lives," she stated.