Soroka Medical Center's Top Doctors: Dr. Anat Horev

As The Jerusalem Post gets set to publish its 50 Most Influential Jews list for Rosh Hashana, we spoke with Soroka Medical Center doctors who influence medicine in Israel.

Dr. Anat Horev (photo credit: Courtesy)
Dr. Anat Horev
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Dr. Anat Horev is the head of Soroka Medical Center’s Stroke and Interventional Neuroradiology unit.
As an interventional neuroradiologist, she has been able to treat diseases related to vessels in the brain and spine (aneurysms, vascular malformations ,strokes etc..) thanks to a process called brain catheterization. This procedure can sometimes replace open surgery and its being done through a small puncture in the patient’s groin.
Dr. Horev is one of only 12 interventional neuroradiologists in Israel.  Two years ago after completing her three year fellowship in Pittsburgh, PA she came back to Soroka to build this new service. “I’m honored to have the opportunity to provide this life-saving service to the population of the Negev.”
She was inspired after watching the procedure for the first time as a resident and is still inspired by it to this day, since the procedure can often reverse the neurological effects of stroke. “Every patient that I’m able to save is the whole world,” she told The Jerusalem Post.
She noted Soroka’s interventional neuroradiology center is specifically dedicated to the research and treatment of vein pathologies in the brain, which she said had not been well-studied up to this point. Already, she said, the center has been able to provide a first-of- its-kind remedy for disease such as tinnitus and certain types of headaches.
The interventional neuroradiology unit at Soroka University Medical Center is one of the leading units in the country with the most advanced equipment available. It is part of the  unique Soroka brain center that is currently being established that will include the most advanced medical treatment available from all disciplines relevant to brain pathologies.
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