Special music app to help Holocaust survivors deal with loneliness

Matan – Investing in the Community (United Way Israel) and 2gether are donating hundreds of special music sets to Holocaust survivors to help them deal with loneliness.

2gether app (photo credit: Courtesy)
2gether app
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Matan – Investing in the Community (United Way Israel) that is leading a social and cultural change in Israeli society along with 2gether, social startup, In anticipation of Holocaust Day and the loneliness experienced by the elderly these days, will be donating hundreds of special music sets to Holocaust survivors to help them deal with the loneliness they experience these days and connect with their families remotely.
2gether is a social startup that has developed an app for seniors designed to reduce loneliness, through a shared music listening experience. The app uses music to allow social connections between the elderly and their young family members or volunteers to communicate and create shared experiences and memories.
The app is installed on the elderly person's mobile phones and those in front of him and knows how to find the appropriate songs for him, from his personal world. In addition, it allows you to record the memories that arise during the reunion and keeps the voice of the elderly person and his stories forever.
Einat Rubinstein, CEO of Matan - Investors in the community says: "These days, when the elders are so isolated and distant from their families, the yearning for society and communication is particularly strong. The feeling of loneliness is especially intensified among Holocaust survivors in anticipation of an emotionally flooded Holocaust Day. Music and social interaction can help support and feel connected. "
"The app we developed is based on a combination of therapeutic and technological tools that help connect people and reduce the feeling of loneliness in the third age population through the creation of a music-social experience." Says Roi Tal, CEO of 2gether. "The joint activity allows for shared listening as the music connects listeners to memories, emotions and significant moments of the elderly person's life. Through this unique connection, processes of contact and loneliness occur which inevitably lead to improvements in quality of life."