Storks gather in Dudaim park in thousands as they fly to Europe

One quarter of the planet's stork population can be found in Poland, yet Israel is a significant resting point on their long journey from Africa to central Europe.

Stork over Dudaim Park  (photo credit: DANIEL BERKOWITZ)
Stork over Dudaim Park
(photo credit: DANIEL BERKOWITZ)
Hundreds of thousands of storks are currently gathering in Dudaim park in the northern Negev to rest and eat before they continue on their migration from Africa to Europe, a press release by the park visitors center reported.
Tel Aviv University Scientist Daniel Berkovitch said that the storks will remain in the country for a period of between a week and a month.
“A stork arrived to the land of Israel with an African spear stuck in it in the 19th century,” he said, “which is the first time it became apparent they fly here from Africa.”
“One quarter of white storks reside in Poland,” he said, “and the oldest known stork was 38 years old when it died.”
Hundreds of people flock to the park to see the majestic birds in this time of year, the park reported.