Australian park rangers say 'Toadzilla' could be world's biggest toad

Dubbed "Toadzilla," the cane toad was spotted by "shocked" park ranger Kylee Gray during a patrol in Conway National Park in Queensland.


WWII shipwreck leaked pollutants into sea, changing ocean floor around it - study

Shipwrecks often contain hazardous materials - explosives, petroleum, and other substances that could be harmful to the oceanic environment.

Orcas hunting a great white shark were captured on camera for the first time

According to a 2019 National Geographic article, orcas likely target shark livers because they're "high-fat and delicious."

How many ants are crawling on Earth? Scientists say 20 quadrillion

Researchers have made the most thorough assessment to date of the global population of ants—insects that have colonized almost everywhere on the planet.


Land mammal food webs have declined by more than half in past 130,000 years - study

Food webs are what influence the ecosystem's functionality, describe the relationships between species in an ecosystem and allow more species to co-exist by regulating certain populations.

Even modest climate change may lead to sweeping changes - study

“Our results spell problems for the health and diversity of future regional forests,” said lead author Peter Reich.

TikTok user raising million-strong frog army accused of 'eco-terrorism'

Biologists, experts and social media are all concerned by a Tiktoker's environmentally-hazardous mission to build the "largest frog army in history."

Israel gains first Hope Spot - marine conservation site - by Tel Aviv

The ridge off the coast of Tel Aviv is in the process of being recognized as a protected area. An international non-profit urges Israel to disallow any exploration of fossil fuels in the area.

Has Bennett's government done enough to combat climate change? - poll

Israelis are extremely worried about the climate crisis and think the outgoing government has not done enough to combat it.

Klil launches first ecological butterfly lake park in world

The park is an open area and not a closed greenhouse, in order to allow butterflies in the area to stay and reproduce in the park.

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