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Food pyramid procures universal eco-friendly non-vegan diet

A new food pyramid created by the Barilla Foundation and the University of Naples has created an eco-friendly adaptable diet that can be used in seven different regions of the world.

Mayo to Med: Israel returns sea turtles after tar cleanup - Watch

Tube-fed mayonnaise served to expel oil that had been swallowed or inhaled by the snappers, while wipes and cotton buds were used to remove tar from animals' eyes, noses and mouths.

President Reuven Rivlin visits cleanup efforts at Herziliya beach after oil spill

Which Israeli party ranked most 'environment friendly' ahead of elections?

The Index found that the biggest improvement came from right-wing parties, with New Hope and Yamina putting together "impressive platforms" with no significant environmental activity beforehand."

Jerusalem launches project to plant thousands of trees along sidewalks

Trees improve air quality by filtering harmful dust and pollutants such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide from the air.

Ecology is organic to the biblical narrative, Rabbi Yonatan Neril argues

Neril hopes that with the recent publishing of the first volume of Eco Bible, he will provide religious leaders with a pathway to combine discussion of environmental issues with Biblical teachings.


Israel begins reopening some beaches damaged by ecological disaster

Regarding the rest of the country's beaches, the statement said that cleaning operations are still underway, and that the public should beware of going to polluted beaches.

Greenpeace: Iran eco-terror allegation 'reeks of election propaganda'

The practice of turning off tracking systems is commonly done by Iranian vessels to avoid detection for violating the trade embargo with Syria.

An oil tanker loads gas in Assaluyeh seaport at the Persian Gulf

Could Iran really be linked to 'eco-terrorism' against Israel? - analysis

The ability of a ship to purposely dump oil so that, two weeks later, it harms a country’s coastline appears very complex.

The first verse in Genesis teaches us we must not destroy the world, but preserve it.

What does the Bible say on the preservation of the environment?

Eco Bible is the first of a two-volume work (a second book, with commentaries on Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy will be published in the future).


Over 70 tons of tar cleaned from Israel's beaches since oil spill

The country's northern beaches have proved harder to clean, due to their rockier terrain, which tar more easily clings to than sand.

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