Students shooting scene for film school send police scrambling to stop ‘kidnapping’

Police receive reports of kidnapping after man wearing kippa seen being pushed into car but discover it was actually actors filming a scene for a film school project.

Kidnapping (illustrative photo) (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Kidnapping (illustrative photo)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
No one needs to be told that tensions are high in Israel at the moment, so high that the production of a student film could have possibly ended in disaster on Thursday.
Amid talk of a third Intifada breaking out, police on Thursday scrambled officers from across the Central District after they got a call from a concerned citizen who reported seeing two men wearing keffiyehs forcing a man wearing a kippa into a car near Beit Nabala in the Ramle area.
Cops set up roadblocks and finally, the vehicle in question was stopped by officers from Lod, who quickly learned that things weren’t what they seemed. It turned out that the “terrorists” and their “victim” were actually three actors who had agreed to help their friend shoot a scene for a film school project.
Luckily for the student and his friends, cooler heads prevailed and they were released after the officers told them that “alongside the need to preserve cultural freedoms there was a miscommunication here that caused great concern to one citizen.”
Further details about the film were not available at press time.