Summer’s craze

Take a look at this week’s picks – from fun sandals to innovative ice creams and glittering colors.

No more blackheads (photo credit: Courtesy)
No more blackheads
(photo credit: Courtesy)
This week, scout out comfy sandals, select your favorite ice cream and make sure you’re protected from the sun. Feel like a cold beer or a well-chilled glass of white wine? Here are some suggestions. Enjoy and keep safe.
Greece is here
Local olive oil brand Zeta olive oil launches its new 2020 olive oil with a new varietal – Koroneiki, also known as “The queen of olive oil,” which produces fruity and gently flavored oil, with herb aromas. The varietal, which now makes up about 50% of olive trees in Greece, is also very suitable for growing in Israel. The oil is perfect for salads and Mediterranean-style dishes. Available now in a new dark-glass bottle at NIS 39 for 750 ml.
Safe summer
Getting out of lockdown feels great, but we mustn’t forget about sun protection. The leading Israeli brand Dr. Fischer introduces the new products added to their line of sunscreens, including products for children and babies, people who practice outdoor sports, sensitive skin and more. The all new Ultrasol Spectrum, a breakthrough line of sunscreens, provides for the first time not only protection from UVA and UVB radiation, but also from HEV – High Energy Visible Light. This technology helps avoid a wide spectrum of radiation, which may cause early aging and cancer. The line includes clear spray (NIS 69.90), Spray Lotion (NIS 69.90) and Facial Sunscreen (NIS 59.90). The SPF50+ Ultrasol line for kids and people with sensitive skin, with no parabens, oils, perfume or artificial colorings, was also stretched and now offers products with added anti-oxidants, vitamin E and green tea essence. The products in the line are light and absorb quickly. The sensitive skin line includes clear spray, lotion and facial cream. Also available are the Baby Natural line with 100% natural ingredients.
Light protection
Vichy launches protective water-based sunscreens you’ll fall in love with. The new products in the company’s Ideal Soleil line are Micellar water spray SPF30 with Beta Carotene, for a “golden glowing skin,” Micellar water spray SPF30 with blueberries’ polyphenols, and Micellar water spray SPF30 with hyaluronic acid for added hydration. Easy to apply and with a wonderful texture, this could easily become my new favorite sunscreen. Use for both face and body. NIS 109.
Imagine you’re in France
Sitting in a shaded garden somewhere in the French countryside, and sipping chilled Chablis – seems like a faraway dream these days, but now we can enjoy the wines here, thanks to The Scottish Company’s import from Domaine La Chatillon. The kosher white wine is made of 100% Chardonnay, and it is as crisp and refreshing as they come – I love it, especially with fresh cheeses and fruit, or with light salads, chicken or fish. NIS 99.90. Another wine imported by the same company is the German Romerhof Gewürztraminer, a semi-sweet Rheinhessen wine is delicate with aromas of green herbs, as well as fruity ones. Lovely. NIS 39.90, Kosher Badatz.
Here comes the sun
One of the top Mexican beers, Sol, is imported now to Israel by Tempo. The popular brand, available globally, is very different from the European beers, offering “exotic and authentic touches,” say the importer. The lager-style beer is made from a combination of yeast, corn and malt, and contains only 40 calories per 100 ml. available in alcohol and wine stores as well as supermarkets and bars. NIS 30 to NIS 35 for a six-pack.
Mega flavor
Strauss had to delay their annual launch of the new ice creams because of the pandemic, but now the company introduces five new and innovative products that carry the “Vegan friendly” badge, and nine new products that are gluten-free. The company also launched new ice creams for children without the red mark for high sugar or fat. In the kiddies section, look for the Ninja Israel icicle or Frozen (Elsa and Anna) one, as well as the ice cream biscuit “sandwich” called “Kartzufim.” But the great news is in the beloved Magnum section, where the company introduced a Double Magnum with honey and almonds as well as a sumptuous salty caramel one. A completely new section is the new vegan Magnum – our in-house vegan who had been missing this since becoming vegan swears it is as good as the original. It is a great solution for vegans but also provides a solution for a dessert after a meat dinner. Yummy.
Nostalgic summer
OPI introduced its Summer 2020 collection of new nail polish shades called OPI’s Hidden Prism, made of six glittering tinted-clear shades to be used alone or on top of other shades. The new collection really glitters in the sun and will look great on the beach or poolside. Also available in gel formula, the shades include Ray Radiance yellow, Magic Hour orange, She’s a Prismaniac pink, Rainbows A Go Go purple, Pigment of My Imagination blue and Gleam On shiny green. NIS 65, available in nail salons and online at
Pretty comfortable
Blue Heart shoes are known for their comfort and quality, but usually are associated with shoes for medical staffers as well as older people. Now the company introduces a completely new line of fashionable comfort slide sandals that are so much fun, yet are still very comfortable – exactly what one needs for strolling in the scorching heat of our summer. Choose a colorful fun one either adorned with pompoms or a knot. I love the yellow ones, but the red ones are just as pretty. NIS 99 to NIS 149, available in Blue Heart shoe shops and online at
Deep purple
If it’s good for Helen Mirren, it must be good for us. Right? L’Oreal Paris launched a new purple shampoo that neutralizes unwanted yellow and orange pigments in the hair, restoring its shine and glowing blond color. The new purple shampoo will also compliment grey hair that tends to become yellowish and for brunettes who have copper highlights. Use one to three times weekly. Brunettes need to keep the shampoo on for five minutes to get the best result. Try it. NIS 21.90.
Over the moo
New by Ben & Jerry’s Moo-Phoria ice cream mix of 4 X 100 ml. personal cups, include two flavors – Chocolate Cookie and Caramel Brownie. Each 120 ml. cup is only 120 calories and up to 50% less fat. Granted, the low-fat ice creams are not as decadent as the regular Ben & Jerry’s, but there are fewer guilty feelings. A great snack for all hours of the day. NIS 28.90 for a box of four.
No more blackheads
Blackheads are an annoying problem, especially if you have oily skin. But Garnier’s new Pure Active Charcoal Anti-Blackhead Exfoliating stick clears the clogged pores easily and painlessly, restoring skin’s healthy glow and visibly reducing pores in one swipe. The stick contains charcoal powder and exfoliating agents, including salicylic acid. Apply on wet face, paying special attention to t-zone (nose, forehead and chin), massage and rinse. Use daily on healthy skin. Do not use in case you have irritated skin. NIS 39.90.
My new red sandals
When I was young, I used to suffer for the sake of looking better. No more. These days, I choose shoes first for their comfort and only then the design. No more high heels or painful straps. I love Teva Naot’s slogan that says, “You are prettiest when you are comfortable,” even if it is not always true. Teva Naot’s new summer 2020 collection, introduced only last week because of the COVID-19 pandemic, includes more than 100 different models for men and women – all of them comfortable, equipped with anatomic soles, handmade in Israel using the best materials. We loved the Dorith flat women sandals in yellow (NIS 380) and the red Courage Fantasy sliders with a small heel (NIS 399). The sandals are of great quality and keep for more than one season. In fact, I still wear Teva Naot sandals I got two years ago and they still look almost new. Available in Teva Naot shops around the country and online at
Football is back
Celebrating the return of the football season, Snickers launched a special edition of the snack with football glossary printed on the wraps. Buy them and go to to enter a prize sweepstakes where you’ll be able to answer some questions and maybe win a home cinema or game console. Available until the end of June.