Tel Aviv man in coronavirus quarantine seeks women to keep him company

The man posted an ad on social media offering the women to sun bath and drink vegan shakes as they wait for a 14 day period.

Sex [Illustrative] (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Sex [Illustrative]
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
A recently quarantined Tel Aviv resident released a Facebook post in which he shared photos of himself and his apartment and offered to host any woman willing to spend two weeks with him in quarantine. 
Due to Israeli regulations, 200,000 people have been placed in quarantine. Many of them are not carrying the novel coronavirus and are not sick but simply have returned from a trip abroad, although they might be carriers of the virus.
“Yoga, meditation, drinking organic Chinese tea” were among the activities the man offered any woman keen on joining him. 
Responses varied between good-humored banter to vicious put-downs, with one woman writing that she is not interested in spending two weeks with a stranger, but telling him that he can call her up when he is free to leave his apartment. 
Meanwhile in the US, rapper 50 Cent broke into the CNN headline updates when h
e joked that “constant sex kills coronavirus.” 
It doesn’t, but Israelis are already joking that wit
h 200,000 stuck at home, the nation will likely see a surge of births in December.