Snakes have two clitorises and they're both important, new study reveals

This female-led study discovered that snake clitorises are important for sex and can be stimulated to cause pleasure, despite years of scientific neglect.


Woman's nut allergy has complicated sex in a surprising way

This woman's nutty situation left her with an uncomfortable sensation – and the solution is a shocker, to be sure.

Israeli fitness buffs gather in Tel Aviv to hold the biggest Pilates class ever in Israel

Want to increase your libido? Try this physical activity

Pilates is an excellent exercise for improving physical and mental abilities, but a new study found that it also helps the many women who experience pain during sex and those with low libido.

By Walla!

15,000 Ukrainians decide to have a mass orgy if Russia deploys nuclear weapons

More than 15,000 have confirmed participation in a sex party on a hill if Putin decides to press the red button, with participants even indicating whether they prefer anal or oral sex.

By Walla!

These are the kinks that used to be taboo - and now aren't

Wearing diapers? Love feet? The cultural processes of the last decade have liberated the sexual practices that were once taboo, making them acceptable bed habits.


Turner syndrome: Genetic chromosomal condition without cure - explainer

Turner syndrome is a genetic disorder exclusive to the female sex in which an X chromosome is either partially or entirely missing. Here's what you should know about it.


Chlamydia: What is this common STI and is it curable? - explainer

Chlamydia is one of the most common sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in the world and while it is very treatable, cases are still frequent. Here's what you need to know.

Should you play music during sex? Reddit thread debates, goes viral

A few days ago, a man posted on Reddit about his girlfriend of two years not liking the song he had chosen for them to have sex too. This week, the internet sized him up.

How long is sex really supposed to last?

"The idea of all-night sex may have been appealing in my 20s, but a decade later, the only physical activity my body wants to do for more than an hour is shoving Doritos in my mouth." - Nadia Bokody


Sexual hypnosis: Does it work?

Sex therapist Tatyana Dyachenko said that if you are having trouble with a low sex drive then sexual hypnosis is a good idea to think about.

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