Tel Aviv Online MBA approved by Israel's Council for Higher Education

The learning experience will be interactive, with a variety of learning tools used throughout the program.

 Tel Aviv University Campus (photo credit: COURTESY TEL AVIV UNIVERSITY)
Tel Aviv University Campus

Israel’s Council for Higher Education has approved the Tel Aviv Online MBA program at the Coller School of Management at Tel Aviv University. 

This is the first time the Council has approved an entirely online degree taught by a research university, with no requirements for on-campus presence. Students will have the flexibility to study from anywhere in the world and earn their MBA while maintaining their current work schedule. 

The Coller School’s lecturers will teach via digital courses produced at a high international level, similar to those of leading universities worldwide and emphasizing the quality of teaching and learning. The courses will be developed using best practices in learning design and through strong collaboration between faculty lecturers, technologists, and instructional designers. 

The learning experience will be interactive, with a variety of learning tools used throughout the program. These will include video lectures, presentations, animations, discussion boards, and other online elements to create an engaging course focused on learning outcomes and student success.  Lecturers will also be available for questions and will hold synchronous lessons to monitor students’ progress and follow the learning process. 

The Online MBA program will allow the Coller School to continue positioning itself in the international scene, targeting outstanding international students from all over the world and competing with online programs offered by other leading universities worldwide. 

The approval of the program is a significant step forward in the implementation of the Council of Higher Education and Tel Aviv University’s plan for promoting online learning and strengthening internationalism in order to enhance the reputation and competitive standing of Israeli academia globally. The degree program has two specializations in technology and information management and in marketing management. 

TAU President Prof. Ariel Porat said, “Tel Aviv University is currently making a push to enhance its international character. To this end, we are increasing the number of programs for international students, promoting collaborations between TAU units and their counterparts at leading universities overseas, inviting pioneering researchers from academic institutions worldwide to teach and do research at TAU, and more. The current initiative of the Coller School, offering students all over the globe a full online MBA in English, will further enhance the prominence of TAU in general, and our excellent School of Management in particular. The school and its leaders deserve all the praise for their groundbreaking academic initiative.”

Prof. Dan Amiram, Vice Dean of the Coller School of Management at TAU, said, “The new program will enable global dissemination of the advanced academic knowledge coming from our School, draw excellent students from all over the world, and help in the production of international-level digital study materials that will be used in different programs at the school. Through this program, we wish to expand our global activities, adapting ourselves to the changing world and the dynamic, fast-developing job market. We identify a similar trend in the world’s leading universities and aim to bring the quality and the academic and practical knowledge of our outstanding researchers to the forefront of the international stage.”