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Fireflies light up the night sky in Israel - scientific survey

As fireflies have been disappearing, it was important for scientists to conduct the survey and gain a better picture of their status in Israel, to better protect the species.

Human brain

Tel Aviv University reveals brain cancer cure breakthrough

The researchers managed to do this by detecting a failure in the immune system of the brain which can be used against the deadly cancer.

Fireflies use invisible 'musical armor' against bats, study suggests

Because the sounds are ultrasonic, they cannot be detected by either humans or fireflies themselves.

Sylvan Adams honors parents memory at Tel Aviv University tree planting

Adams planted two Plane (Platanus) trees as a token of appreciation for his parents' efforts for, and connection with, the university.


Humans revealed to have been apex predators for two million years - study

The study conducted at Tel Aviv University shows that our ancient ancestors ate mostly meat.

An irrigation pivot watering a field of turnips.

Can the world continue to provide enough food? Live Now

Boris Mints webinar to celebrate Food Planet Prize

Can Israeli innovation save the life of a 2-year-old Jew from New York?

Diagnosed with the rare neurological disorder of FOXG1 syndrome, the innovation at TAU's BLAVATNIK CENTER for Drug Discovery is Eli Reich's last hope.


Stress and anxiety caused by smartphone use revealed in new TAU study

An excessive amount of time spent on social media is also likely to cause teeth-grinding and facial muscle pain.

An Israeli Arab casts her ballot at a polling station in the northern town of Reineh, in 2015

Election survey: 87% of Israeli Arabs support entering or supporting gov't

Whether enough Jewish parties would be willing to sit with Arabic parties in order to form a government however, remains a different question altogether.

Tel Aviv University participates in new study to predict snakebites

The research is expected to save many human lives, as snakebites kill about 94,000 people per year.

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