Tel Aviv unveils Eurovision 2019 slogan: Dare to Dream

EBU officials visited Israel to begin planning next year's competition.

Tel Aviv Eurovision 2019 slogan: Dare to Dream (photo credit: KAN)
Tel Aviv Eurovision 2019 slogan: Dare to Dream
(photo credit: KAN)
The 2019 Eurovision in Tel Aviv will operate under the slogan "Dare to Dream," it was revealed on Sunday.
A visiting delegation of European Broadcasting Union officials unveiled the slogan alongside Communications Minister Ayoub Kara and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at an event in Jerusalem Sunday evening.
"It's about inclusion, It's about diversity. It's about unity," said Jon Ola Sand, the executive supervisor of the Eurovision song contest. "The slogan for Eurovision 2019 is Dare to Dream."
Sand and Frank-Dieter Frieling, chairman of the Eurovision competition, arrived in Israel Sunday for the first official visit since Tel Aviv was announced as the host city last month.
"We at KAN already know that dreams do come true," said the KAN public broadcaster CEO Eldad Koblenz on Sunday. "Like we proved at the World Cup, we know how to do quality and innovative public broadcasting for free for all the citizens of Israel - and we are daring to dream about a sweeping and accessible Eurovision on all platforms for millions in Israel and around the world."
Koblenz added that the Eurovision, "more than it is important to KAN, is important to Israel and to its image, and we expect to work closely with all the relevant parties."
Netanyahu, who attended the event at the Foreign Ministry with his wife, Sara, said he is dreaming of bringing the Eurovision to Israel in 2020 as well.
"Netta dared us to dream of a Eurovision in Israel this year, and I dare to dream that the Eurovision will be here the following year also," said Netanyahu. "I'm sure all the songs will be excellent, but we dream and we also fulfill our dreams."
The prime minister even referenced the tragic shooting at a synagogue in Pittsburgh on Saturday during the event.
"We're having this meeting today, even though I thought to try and push it off until tomorrow, because we've all experienced a terrible trauma from the horrible antisemitism in Pittsburgh," Netanyahu said. "But our lives are always a mixture of joy and sadness, and after the sadness we have also happiness. We always remember both together."