The dry season: Winter is finally here!

Winter is finally here, so this week we look at new salves for dry skin, new ways of measuring temperature, fantastic solutions for the outdoors and extra-fine bedding.

Clear and clean (photo credit: NERIA BARR)
Clear and clean
(photo credit: NERIA BARR)
For extra-dry skin
Toleriane Sensitive Rich by La Roche Posay, a calming hydrating cream for sensitive and very dry skin, helps those who suffer from dryness, especially in the winter. Suitable for babies and grownups, the special formula contains glycerin that provides up to 48 hours of hydration; shea butter that helps protect the skin; vitamin B3 that calms the skin; and thermal water from La Roche Posay’s own spring to eliminate skin stimulation. Toleriane Sensitive Rich contains no perfume, alcohol or parabens and is hypoallergenic. Use on face and neck morning and evening. NIS 129.
Clear and clean
The dry and cold air, say Clarins specialists, brings new challenges to the facial skin. For the cold season, the company launched two new cleansing gels – Fresh scrub for dry-to-normal skin and Pure scrub for mixed-to-oily skin. Both contain herbal ingredients to gently clear the skin for a more even look. NIS 149, available only at Superpharm stores.
Plump Fresh, fun & fruity
L’oreal Paris extends its iconic Color Riche lipstick collection, adding a new Color Riche Plump & Shine line of five fruity shades. L’oreal’s first plumping lipstick instantly adds volume and moisture with only one application. The lipstick provides an all-day moisture, as well as a tingling, cooling feel and a fruity scent. Lips appear soft, glossy, and visibly plumped, with a subtle flush of color. Available in five fun, fruity shades. NIS 55.
The right measurements
Fever measurement is not always as easy to perform as you might think – especially when it comes to children. With the flu season already here, the new Beurer thermometer may be just what you need. The new FT85 non-contact thermometer makes it extremely easy to measure body temperature, ambient and surface temperature. With no need for skin contact, it is also hygienic and safe, and it is very quick – taking only seconds. The thermometer also features temperature alarm from 38°C, and displays measurements in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. A great solution for when you want to measure temperature of a sleeping child or adult, it has an internal memory of up to 60 measurements, switches off automatically and can also be used to measure room and liquid temperatures. NIS 169 instead of NIS 199 until December 15. Available online at
Extra delicate
Huggies Extra Care is the new diaper by Kimberly-Clark, designed with soft absorbing cushions made from extra airy materials that allow the skin to stay dry. The new line includes all the sizes, to fit the developing baby, from NB to size 2, and from size 3 to 5.
A symbol of luxury
Cotton satin is a 100% cotton fabric that is weaved in a technology that renders the material shiny. Many bed linen makers sell cotton satin sheets – but most that I have tested were only slightly more comfortable to the touch than regular good-quality cotton sheets. Then I got a set of the new Soham cotton satin sheets – and I must admit that they are in a league of their own.
The Israeli textile company sells its products online and they promise me that all of their cotton satin sheets are made from 100% Egyptian Pima cotton, considered the best cotton there is. Pima cotton is a higher-end type of cotton with a longer fiber than conventional cotton. It has a reputation for producing a smooth fabric that’s soft to the touch, wrinkle-resistant, and ultra-durable (from NIS 299 for a single set).
Also available by Soham are percale sheets made from cotton and known for their signature tight weave. Sheets woven in this manner are elegant and smooth (from NIS 219 for a single set), and pastel-colored cotton towels made from Egyptian cotton (from NIS 49).
All of Soham’s products are made in Israel, and the sizes fit our mattresses size better, offering sheets for thicker mattresses as well as 140 cm. width. The company promises a full return policy with no charges. Available at
A must for outdoor lovers
As the days grow shorter and darker, those of us who need to stay outside in the dark hours may sometimes need help. The new and powerful Ledlenser MH11 rechargeable headlamp helps us perform outdoor activities with sensational technologies, including the ‘Ledlenser Connect’ app that connects the lamp to the smartphone via Bluetooth, thus making it possible to customize the settings at any time. The flashlight can be used both on the head and held by hand.
Using efficient and powerful LED light, the Ledlenser MH11 is a smart portable battery-powered torch that allows you to work or walk in the dark while leaving your hands free. The Ledlenser has multiple power levels, strobe setting, red, green and blue lights in addition to the main white lamp, adjustable focus in lens and bluetooth connectivity. The body of the headlamp is wide and deep; wide elastic traps hold the assembly on the head, yet the whole thing, straps and all, weighs under 180 grams. The Lenlenser MH11 is weatherproof. Ledlenser rates the output at between 10 lumens and 1,000 lumens and the lighting range up to 300 meters. NIS 669, available at outdoor specialist stores and
Minute meal
Sugat launched a new line of personal quick-made noodles-in-a-cup, including picante noodles, vegetable noodles and chicken-flavored noodles. An attached cap is easy to use while waiting for the noodles to be ready and the chosen noodles are short, so eating it at your desk at work will be less messy. Kashrut Badaz.
Clear mask
New from Kamedis – a cloth mask for acne-prone skin. The new Ac-Clear Mask contains a proven Chinese herbal formula as well as hyaluronic acid. Kamedis, a leading international dermo-cosmetic company based on Chinese traditional medicine, bases all of its products on clinically proven and patented formulas. Now, for the first time, the company has launched a facial cloth mask for oily, problematic skin. Ac-Clear mask is an additional step in helping preserve the skin hydration balance while calming it and clearing the skin. NIS 37.10 until the end of the month. Available online at
For the Urban man
Do you know a sophisticated urban man who is celebrating his birthday this week? Take a whiff of the new Jimmy Choo fragrance for men – Urban Hero, a sophisticated scent with more than a hint of rebellion, it gives off intense woody notes, such as grey amber and leather accord, which mix with warm black pepper and sensual rosewood, before being offset with fresh lemon caviar. The mirrored chrome bottle comes with a chevron-printed cap and matte silver sides. NIS 299.
For men only
New in the Men Expert line of cosmetics by L’oreal Paris is the hydrating cream 5 in 1. Based on a special formula containing vitamin C and Guarana essence, the cream helps restore hydration in the skin after shaving. Also in the line are a hydrating cream for oily skin and a clearing gel. NIS 49.90.