The Jerusalem Post's top 5 stories of April 17

Bernie Sanders meets Elaine from Seinfeld on SNL, dozens of Hezbollah fighters killed accidentally by their allies, Netanyahu vows never to leave the Golan Heights, and more.

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1.Larry David yet again assumed his role as Bernie Sanders in Saturday Night Live's most recent jab at the democratic presidential candidates last Saturday.
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2. Dozens of members of Hezbollah were killed last week in Aleppo in an "accidental" chemical attack carried out by the Syrian military, diplomatic sources reported to the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Jarida.
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3. As UN-led peace talks on the future of Syria are being held in Geneva, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu went to the Golan Heights Sunday and declared that Israel will never leave the strategic region.
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4. In the shadow of rising regional instability, the IDF is building a growing number of specialty border battalions that remain in their designated areas of operations, enabling them to become familiar with their environment, and respond to attacks by new threats like ISIS.
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5. The Speaker of Lebanon's Parliament Nabih Berri asked French President Francois Hollande to help Lebanon resolve its maritime border dispute with Israel, the daily Lebanese newspaper al-Mustaqbal reported Saturday.
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