The Jerusalem Post's top 5 stories of February 17

An ancient discovery in Jerusalem, new game-changing weapons for Iran, a casino in Eilat and more.

1. Weapons deal put on hold for years amid sanctions on Iran is finally going through with the reported delivery of an advanced air defense missile system, Russian news agency says.
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2. Former Military Intelligence chief Amos Yadlin explores the red line that, once crossed by Hamas, demands a proactive military operation against the tunnels.
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3. Archaeological discovery proves there was a thriving settlement in the Jerusalem area in ancient times.
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4. The religious parties Bayit Yehudi, United Torah Judaism and Shas have strongly objected to proposals to build a casino in Eilat, causing tension within the coalition as the prime minister and the Likud party have been vocal proponents of the initiative.
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5. The head of Israel’s military said on Wednesday that he is opposed to lax rules of engagement that allow security forces to kill Palestinian assailants immediately following a terrorist attack.
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