The Jerusalem Post's top 5 stories of March 30

British Labour party activist allegedly says that Israel behind ISIS, group of US lawmakers calls on Obama to probe alleged Israeli rights' violations, Van Damme fights anti-Israel trolls, and more.

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1. The UK's Labour party was again facing criticism this week over reported remarks made by a party activist who allegedly insinuated that Israel is behind the terrorist group known as Islamic State, British media reported.
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2. A group of nearly a dozen US lawmakers have recently requested the Obama administration investigate allegations claiming that security forces from Israel and Egypt have committed “gross violations of human rights,” according to a Politico report published Tuesday.
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3. Sure, Jean-Claude Van Damme can dismantle world-class tough guys with a swift roundhouse kick to the head or shattering punch to the jaw, but "The Muscles from Brussels" learned the hard way in Jerusalem that fighting anti-Israel Internet trolls is a different story, altogether.
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4. The Associated Press, the world's biggest news agency, cooperated with the Nazi regime during World War II, the Guardian reported on Wednesday, citing archival material unearthed by a German historian.
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5. A new Palestinian propaganda video that made rounds this week on the Internet claims that Israel has been excavating a network of tunnels underneath the western part of the Temple Mount complex, allegedly in order to "Judaize" the compound and build the third Temple.
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