The Lion of Judah Foundation presents at Millos Fashion House

The event took place in the Millos Fashion House, where the organization's chairwoman presented the foundation's activities and new clothes for Winter 2020.

millos fashion show (photo credit: MAAYAN HOFFMAN)
millos fashion show
(photo credit: MAAYAN HOFFMAN)
The fashion house MIllos in City Garden, Tel Aviv, has existed for 27 years. Under management of Lily Miller and Hoy Goles, Millos hosted women from the Lion of Judah Foundation for a fashion show featuring a winter 2020 collection and a toast to the new year.
Chairperson of the foundation, Ricky Rosenberg, presented the activities of the Lion of Judah Foundation to the attendees and thanked Lily Miller and Hoy Goles for hosting the members of the foundation.
The funds raised at the event were donated towards the foundation's various projects, which work towards empowering women and girls in Israel. The foundation has 18,500 female Jewish philanthropists from around the world.