The week in readers' pictures

Jerusalem Post readers send us their best shots from the week.

 (photo credit: DEBORAH STRAUSS)
(photo credit: DEBORAH STRAUSS)
Send photos of what you saw or did this week to with your name and where the picture was taken. Feel free to add additional related info about the photo and/or suggest a caption.

STRICTLY FOR the birds: The pandemic may have halted international flights, but there are apparently lots of local flights – turning this Jerusalem hotel rooftop pool unused by tourists into an ad hoc birdbath. (Arlene Faunce)
A PARTICULARLY virulent new corona strain attacks two people on the seafront at the Tel Aviv Port. Fortunately, they slapped their masks on in time to avoid infection. (Shahar Loshinsky)

BIBLICAL REENACTMENT: Following years of study, researchers solved the mystery of how Joshua stopped the sun from setting over Givon (Joshua 10:12) and demonstrate the technique on a Netanya beach. (Bernard Olsburgh)
MISCHIEF MANAGED: This high-performance bike lock continues to hold tight – a demonstratively effective deterrent against opportunistic would-be thieves. (John Difillipo)
GARY GRASSLEY from Lawnside picks an appropriately verdant spot of turf in Tel Aviv to pore over Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass. (Deborah Strauss)