Vibe Israel's 2019 vegan tour shows the best local vegan food

The tour, which attracted some of social media's hottest culinary influencers, showcased why Israel is the "Vegan Capital of the World."

Vibe Israel vegan tour 2019 (photo credit: VIBE ISRAEL)
Vibe Israel vegan tour 2019
(photo credit: VIBE ISRAEL)
Israel is famous for its colorful and innovative blend of national cuisine, and has become a rising star in the world of vegan food. To celebrate this, Vibe Israel set about organizing a Vegan Tour of Israel, bringing along some of social media's hottest food influencers.
Lasting six days, the tour included such well known names like Candice Hutchings, of the Edgy Veg; Alexa Soto, of Fueled Naturally; Philipp Ertl, of Exceedingly Vegan; Izzy Mulkerris, of It's a Healthy Lifestyle; and Lucy Parker, of Lucy and Lentils.
The group explored vegan cuisine from across the country, and took the time to meet the chefs and learn about the local cooking and culture.
"It's so hard to really choose one favorite [moment on the tour], because there's been so many incredible experiences," Soto explained. "Honestly, every meal that I've had has been incredible... and I always wanted to say 'this is the best meal that I've ever had.'"
"Food is a wonderful way to showcase what Israel has to offer," explained Vibe Israel founder and CEO Joanna Landau. "It bridges connections between cultures and people, and as the food influences we are hosting can attest to, its photogenic nature performs well on social media.
"Take Israeli vegan food, for example. It offers a healthy, fresh option, which has become a major trend around the world today, especially with [Generation Y].
"The diversity in flavors and cultures reflected shines a light on the cultures that make up Israeli society. Israeli vegan food brings something new and exciting to the table, allowing the country to be awarded the title of 'Vegan Capital of the World.'
"We believe that when the Israeli public takes an active role in telling the different stories of Israeli culture and history, it can help to improve its public image. Food is a perfect example of the diversity of Israeli culture and cuisine and the thriving vegan food scene is an effective way to broadcast the story."