Video: Footage emerges of shooting attack at Temple Mount

Warning: Some viewers may find the footage below disturbing

Temple Mount terror attack, 14 July 2017
Video footage emerged Friday from part of a shooting attack in which three terrorists opened fire on security forces at the entrance to the holy compound.
The footage appears to show the tense moments in which one terrorist approached Israeli forces and attempted to chase and attack them. The short clip ends with the attacker apparently being shot and falling to the ground.
During the attack, three terrorists opened fire at the Lions' Gate in Jerusalem's Old City on a group of policemen near the entrance of Temple Mount. Police responded and a gun fight commenced during which all three terrorists were shot and killed. 
At least two people were wounded during the exchange and evacuated to a hospital for medical treatment.
Police are investigating how the assailants were able to get the weapons past strict security. Security was bolstered in the area following the attack, police reported.
In light of the attack, police also said the Temple Mount would remain closed throughout Friday.