Virtual Mimouna takes place between Israeli and Moroccan students

The songs featured in this concert were taken from the folklore of the Jews of Morocco.

Morocco-Israel (Illustrative)  (photo credit: Courtesy)
Morocco-Israel (Illustrative)
(photo credit: Courtesy)
In honor of the Mimouna holiday, which took place on Saturday night, students from both Israel and Morocco held a virtual concert together conducted by Evelyn Hagoel, according to a statement by the Education Ministry.
The concert was broadcast on various social media accounts of the ministry and was part of a cooperation between the Israeli and Moroccan governments.
The songs featured in the concert were taken from the folklore of the Jews of Morocco.
The Education Ministers of both countries, Yoav Gallant and Sayd Amazi, plan to have several more joint programs between the two countries following the signing of the normalization agreement between Israel and Morocco earlier this year.  
This includes a program to teach the history of Morocco, as well a teacher exchange program.
Morocco will also include a new program in which they will teach Moroccan students about the State of Israel, according to the statement.
The cabinet approved Israel’s normalization agreement with Morocco in a unanimous vote in January.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the agreement “a historic moment after four peace agreements with four Muslim and Arab states in four months” and praised King Mohammed VI.