Wine Talk: Here’s looking at you, kid

Morocco is a country with a rich wine history, unrecognized quality and limitless potential.

Negev Forum parley in the UAE underway without Jordan

The UAE meeting will also prepare the groundwork for a Negev Forum summit of foreign ministers in Morocco, possibly as early as March. 

Herzog recalls benevolence of Moroccan king to Jews during Holocaust

During World War II, King Mohammed V defied the Vichy government and refused to deport the country’s 250,000 Jews to Nazi concentration camps.

  Global Investment Forum 2023

Global Investment Forum 2023

Put the Abraham Accords into Action

Morocco-Israel tourism – not a mirage

TRAVEL ADVISER: Thousands of Israelis have traveled on organized tours for years. Once there were nonstop flights, the desire to visit Morocco reached unparalleled heights. 

Morocco’s World Cup achievement also has greater implications - opinion

Simple human joy of victory: Arabs and Jews celebrate side-by-side with no one staging it for the world’s cameras.

Freedom of religion defeating tyranny - Hanukkah and the World Cup

Jewish visitors received a warm welcome in Qatar - we should be thankful for the beautiful display of freedom of religion during the World Cup.

Moroccan team in World Cup triggers emotions to many Moroccan immigrants

NATIONAL AFFAIRS: Many Israelis wanted to root for the underdog but they couldn't. What stood in their way? Demonstrators waving the Palestinian flag and all it represented.


The World Cup and Iran protests

The Jerusalem Post Podcast with Yaakov Katz and Lahav Harkov.

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