WATCH: A behind-the-scenes view of the Knesset as MKs see it

From the prime minister's seat to the Knesset speaker's podium, 'The Jerusalem Post' takes a behind-the-scenes look at Israeli Parliament.

Knesset Reporter Lahav Harkov gives a behind the scenes tour of the Knesset
The Jerusalem Post received rare access to where members of Knesset and ministers sit to vote in the Knesset on Monday, a day before the 69th anniversary of the Knesset’s first meeting.
Entering through the coalition members’ doors, we’ll show you Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s seat - and what he keeps on his desk.
You’ll also catch the view from Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein’s seat.
Check out the podium where speeches are given by MKs and visiting dignitaries, like US Vice President Mike Pence last week.
See the screen MKs use to vote, plus the lounge where they can relax and grab a cup of coffee in between speeches and votes.
As the Knesset celebrates its 69th birthday on Tuesday, Jan. 30, here is a chance to see how you score on knowledge of Israel's parliament. What did Israel's lawmakers do before joining the Knesset? What did they do after leaving? what are the benchmark requirement to becoming an MK? How many are currently serving their first term? 
Israel Democracy Institute put together a quiz to test your knowledge about Israel's legislature and the people who make it up.