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MK Yoav Kisch of the Likud speaks to supporters on Gideon Saar's Likud leadership campaign opening e

Raising Orthodox budget is 'main task’ for Education Ministry

Israeli MKs, many of whom have been opposed to the religious sector of Israel’s newest coalition government, rallied against Kisch’s comments.

Will Deri ruling accelerate the drive for judicial reforms? - analysis

Some Knesset members are arguing the decision is undemocratic.

How will Netanyahu respond to the Deri ruling? - analysis

It is safe to presume that if Deri does not resign, Netanyahu will fire him, as the High Court ruled. Netanyahu can then follow one of three avenues:

MK Michael Biton accuses supermarket owners of being 'pigs, tycoons'

Israeli MK Michael Biton took issue with food group owner Rami Levy during a visit to the Knesset, which led to a verbal spat between the two.


No to Levin's revolution, yes to changes in the legal system - opinion

Enough with the automatic fortification around the status quo, and enough with the voices calling for revolution.

The overpowerful justice system threatens democracy, Levin will fix it -opinion

Israeli MKs ought to debate and negotiate instead of climbing up the ramparts with ominous threats and sloganeering.

Why does the new gov't have the Israeli Left in a panic? - opinion

Questions about Israel's democratic future have arisen as a result of both the new government and the reactions to said government

Azerbaijan to open embassy in Israel, MKs send congratulations

A group of MKs and ministers sent their congratulations to Azerbaijan, while also expressing support against French calls to sanction the country.


Let's hope for the best from Israel's new government in 2023 - Opinion

How the year 2023 will play out at least on the national level will depend on how the new government will actually perform.

Ohana becomes first gay Knesset Speaker as Netanyahu retakes office

Amir Ohana thanked his husband, Alon, for supporting him during his first speech as Knesset Speaker.

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