WATCH: Clean water pumped to Golan stream due to Leptospirosis

The Meshushim stream is being pumped with fresh water in order to reduce pollutants.

Clean water is pumped into Golan stream due to Leptospirosis outbreak, August 20, 2018 (Israel Nature and Parks Authority)
Streams in northern Israel are thought to be contaminated with Leptospirosis, Health Ministry confirms.
The Israel Nature and Parks Authority has begun pumping clean water into the Meshushim Stream in the Golan Heights on Monday in an attempt to reduce the concentration of pollutants in the water.
The Leptospirosis outbreak erupted last week, and several cases have been reported, mostly of children and teenagers who had been traveling in the area of the Golan Heights and northern Israel. Hospitals have been treating those feared with infection. Four are currently in intensive care units, but not in any life-threatening danger.
“It is very easy to incite panic and create [the feel of] an emergency situation,” Ministry of Health Director- General Moshe Bar Siman Tov said, “but the most important thing for us to tell the public is: travel, but follow our instructions.”
Bar Siman Tov mentioned, that “Leptospirosis is not contagious.” The only way someone could become sick with the infection is through drinking the water or entry by way of an open wound.
The public is advised to avoid the Zavitan River, Yehudiya River, Zaki River, the Yarden Park and Gilbon River. All other bodies of water are considered safe.
Tamar Beeri contributed to this article.