WATCH: Cranes soaring over the Hula artificial lake area

47,000 common cranes had been counted on Wednesday morning flying south.

Cranes migrating in the Hula artificial lake area / Credit: Inbar Shlumit Rubin
47,000 cranes were counted flying south over the Hula artificial lake in northern Israel on Wednesday morning.  
The Hula valley is known for having an abundance of water and is an important stopping point for birds migrating from Europe to Africa. The Hula artificial lake is often visited by more than half a billion birds during the migrating season and was selected by BBC Wildlife as one of the ten most important nature observation points on earth in 2009.
Israel is usually visited by the common crane and the Demoiselle crane and many Israelis flock to the small lake during the migrating season to observe the graceful cranes on their tour of the world.