WATCH: Israel's elite deep sea operators

The IDF Underwater Mission Unit uses top-notch technology to explore the sea and save lives.

The IDF's Underwater Mission Unit (credit: REUTERS)
American Navy Seals and Israeli Navy Commandos (Shayetet 13) are pretty famous for being fierce, daring fighters who serve honorably on the sea. But can they repair a vessel under pressure or save the life of a drowning sailor?
The Israeli Yaltam unit (Underwater Mission Unit), closely related to Shayetet 13, is the special unit used by the navy whenever experienced divers are called for.
YALTAM divers are present aboard any on-duty navy vessel, ready to provide aid during an emergency. For example, should the ship need repairs at sea or should a sailor fall overboard.
But maintenance work and saving lives is not half of what they do. Yaltam divers conduct the various under-water experiments the Israeli Navy is doing  and help clear underwater explosives (they can also place them, should a top secret mission require it).
Join this elite unit as they dive the depths and be inspired by the beauty of the sea.