WATCH: Israeli firefighters rescue child hanging upside down from bridge

10-year-old boy saved after his father's truck rolls over and lands on a bridge at the roadside at Somech Junction in the North.

Child rescued after hanging from overturned truck
A child was rescued in northern Israel after the truck that his father was driving overturned on the road, leaving him "hanging between heaven and earth", said a fire department official on Sunday.
Israeli local media reported that the truck slid, rolled over and landed on a bridge at the roadside at Somech Junction in northern Israel.
"Close to 6:40 we received a call about a road accident, a very complicated road accident in which a truck overturned on the road and ended up on a concrete beam with two people trapped inside. We managed to extract the father but the child was hanging between heaven and earth. There were many forces at the scene and two cranes were deployed, and after working in very stormy conditions and very strong rain, we managed to rescue the child and transfer him for treatment by the MDA ," said Shalom Levi, Chief Superintendent at the Fire Department of Haifa.
According to local media, the firefighters carried out a very complex rescue mission, as the child - said to be a 10-year-old boy - was trapped in an area to which the rescuers had limited access.