Watch: Israelis dip apples in honey for Rosh Hashana in adventurous locations

From rock climbing, to bicycling to surfing to kayaking, there is not a pastime that cannot include a moment for some Jewish tradition!

Israelis are in holiday-mode!
With Rosh Hashana just around the corner, Israelis are in holiday mode! After seven weeks of incessant sirens and a summer dominated by the Gaza war, Israel is bracing for the holiday season.
Dipping apples in honey, a long-held Jewish custom is no longer an indoors ritual reserved for the Rosh Hashana dinner table, as seen in this newly-released ISRAEL21c clip.
Equipped with only a jar of honey and bag of apples, this brave TV crew set out across the country to find the most extreme spots where one can bring in the Jewish new year with the symbolic tradition. 
While some of the participants opted for the adventurous, noshing on the sweet fruit while skydiving, rock climbing, surfing, or even kayaking – others took to the capital's iconic sites to show their celebratory spirit.
But whether posing in front of the Israel Museum or the Old City, or riding a bicycle on a pastoral bike track, the message is the same: After two months of conflict, where running to bomb shelters became the national sport, Israel is ready to turn over a new leaf. 
Now that's what you call a holiday spirit!