WATCH: Orthodox rabbis speak out against the Rabbinate

Why are Orthodox rabbis against Israel's central religious authority?

Rabbis Against the Rabbinate (Daniel Hennessey and Zachary Sherman/Bar-Ilan University)
The Rabbinate is the central religious authority in Israel; from weddings to conversions, they’re the only establishment allowed by the government to officially dictate the religious guidelines which must be followed in order for a religious ceremony to be legally recognized.
They’ve been in this position as sole suppliers of religious recognition for years, and while some are satisfied under their jurisdiction, there are many Orthodox rabbis who have grown discontent with the Rabbinate’s reign, and are prepared to do whatever it takes to shift that power out of their hands.
However, this is no simple task as opposing the Rabbinate is illegal and changing the status quo has never been easy. These Rabbis believe it will take a great deal of bureaucratic navigation, legal know-how and even civil disobedience to accomplish their goal.