SEPHARDI CHIEF Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef
Chief rabbi patronizes women studying halacha, says Reform Judaism is fake

Sephardi Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef casts aspersions on ability of women to learn advanced Jewish law, accuses women seeking state accreditation for Torah studies of ‘imitating Reform Judaism’

‘Aguna’ – a midcourse Jewish history correction

Anecdotes are not scientific research. But these and 100 others like them define the widely held communal paradigm regarding iggun. Let us extrapolate some views:

Israeli High Court hearing on whether Netanyahu can form next government despite indictment he faces
Court rules against Liberman, in favor of Jewishness DNA testing

In the majority decision, penned by Justice Neal Hendel, it was determined that the petition didn't present sufficient evidence proving that the rabbinate's actions were discriminatory.

THE RABBINATE High Court of Appeals, Jerusalem, 1959. From left: Rabbi Yaakov Ades, Rabbi Ovadia Hed
Rabbis with knives between their teeth are needed

How is it possible the religious parties have failed to inspire the majority of Israelis to feel closer to Judaism and to foster a greater appreciation for the Jewish way of living?

A medical technician prepares embryo and sperm samples for freezing at the Laboratory of Reproductiv
Man who refused wife divorce demands embryo in return for annulment

Women’s rights group says the rabbinical court pressured the man's wife to accept a deal in order to obtain her divorce.

A GLASS of wine is poured during a Jewish wedding ceremony.
The rabbinate’s own wake-up call

Israel’s Rabbinical Court is indeed more powerful that any of its counterparts in the Diaspora. Empowered by civil law, it holds sole jurisdiction over the personal status of Jews in Israel.

A FORMER ‘chained’ woman (left) stands in front of a rabbinic court with her lawyer after winning he
Living with a collar around my neck

As a young ultra-Orthodox woman of marriageable age, nothing really prepared me for what ensued.

Israel's ambassador to the US, Ron Dermer (R) greets House Rep. (D) Jerrold Nadler
Amb. Dermer forms group of rabbis to bypass established organizations

"The convening rabbis will conduct a dialogue and cooperate with the Jews of Israel on issues pertaining to the entire Jewish people.

Rabbinical courts revoke conversion approved by Beth Din of America

Making the situation even more Kafkaesque is the fact that a sibling of the man in question got married through the Chief Rabbinate several years ago without questions raised about Jewish status.

Couples kiss during a mass wedding at coastal city of Larnaca
‘Three weddings and a statement’ challenges Chief Rabbinate on marriage

Three Israeli couples are being married in a synagogue in Washington, D.C. March 26 in protest of their own country, whose Chief Rabbinate will not allow them to marry.

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