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Save the rabbinate from Israel and Israelis from the rabbinate - opinion

There has never been a central, monopolist authority over conversions (or any other religious function) in Jewish history, nor does it exist in the present outside of Israel.

Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi David Lau.

Chief Rabbi Lau threatens to stop approving conversions if reform passes

Finance Minister Avigdor Liberman threatened to remove the chief rabbi if he stopped approving conversions.


Mahanayim rosh yeshiva expresses support for Kahana's conversion reform

The rosh yeshiva of Mahanayim expressed support for Matan Kahana's plan to reform the conversion system in Israel.


Jerusalem Rabbinate chairman dismissed by Matan Kahana

The professional head of the Jerusalem Rabbinate has been accused of improper behavior in a series of incidents, highlighted by municipal comptroller reports.

Don’t turn ‘agunot’ into pawns - opinion

Her extremely complex case was brought before the official, state-authorized beit din of Tel Aviv.


The rabbinate must be reformed to be more welcoming - editorial

The rabbinate has become a restricted club of only one sector of Israeli society, and attempts to diversify it are met with strong opposition.

Religious Services Minister plans law to exempt rabbis from political comments restrictions

Minister Matan Kahana's comments were criticized since municipal chief rabbis are in effect never subject to disciplinary procedures despite gross violations of the regulations.

Food in Israel - How is private supervision different from a rabbinical one?

So many customers – whether private or owners of a business – feel so tired of the Rabbinate and its rules.


Conservative movement publicly lists rabbis it has expelled and suspended

The decision to publish a list of expelled and suspended rabbis comes as the Conservative movement — along with other Jewish denominations — grapples with how to handle ethical failures by clergy.

An illustrative photo of a Jewish wedding in front of the Mediterranean Sea.

Religious services minister backs marriage alternative outside of rabbinate

Religious Services Minister Matan Kahan expressed support for an alternative form of marriage outside the rabbinate.

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