18-year-old prime suspect in Rishon teen murder

Ron Turgeman had no prior criminal record before he stabbed to death Rishon Lezion teenager, Tzahi Basha.

Rishon murder 298.88 (photo credit: Channel Two [file])
Rishon murder 298.88
(photo credit: Channel Two [file])
Indictments are drawing nearer in the late-July murder of Rishon Lezion teenager Tzahi Basha, as police on Monday identified the prime suspect as Ron Turgeman, 18, a recent local high school graduate from Be'er Ya'acov with no prior criminal record. The prosecutor's office is weighing whether to charge Turgeman with murder or manslaughter, although Shfela Subdistrict Police Chief Asst.-Cmdr. Yifrah Duchovny said Monday he believes police evidence supports a murder indictment. The District Attorney's office, however, is reportedly leaning in the direction of manslaughter, a much easier charge to prosecute. Turgeman fled to Eilat immediately after the murder, but was later convinced by his sister and brother-in-law - both of whom are in the police - to surrender himself to police custody. Five other suspects who were arrested in connection with the case also will be indicted on lesser charges in the coming days, after police announced that they have concluded the investigation. In an incident police have described as West Side Story, Rishon Lezion-style, Basha, 18, was stabbed to death near his Rishon Lezion home on a Saturday night, just over two weeks ago. The police investigation indicated that Basha's friends were engaged in an altercation with a group of youths from nearby Be'er Ya'acov, that allegedly erupted over the amorous intentions of rival teenage boys over the heart of one girl. At some point in the altercation, Basha - who apparently was involved in the initial fight or the disagreement that preceded it - was stabbed in his upper body and, shortly after, collapsed and died. The fight broke out after the girl, who was dating one of the two boys involved in the fight, became romantically involved with the other, according to police. The two boys met to discuss the matter, but at some point, a scuffle broke out between their friends and, in the process, Basha was stabbed.