2 men held in murder of TA club bouncer

Tel Aviv police have charged two men this week with the January murder of a doorman who worked at the Gola nightclub in Tel Aviv. The victim, Alexander Pozvedsky, 27, of Arad, was shot while sitting in a taxi together with a second security guard in the early morning hours of January 3. Both passengers and the taxi driver were hit, and the driver managed to steer the car towards the Ichilov hospital. An investigation headed by the Tel Aviv Police's Central Unit found that the two bouncers had been involved in a scuffle two hours earlier inside the club with a group of men from the Arab village of Kafr Kasim. The fight had broken out after a young woman rejected the men's advances. The doormen intervened and an altercation ensued in which three people were wounded, requiring hospital treatment. The two guards had remained at the club despite sustaining injuries. They ordered a cab at 6 a.m. with the intention of heading for Ichilov hospital. Meanwhile, the families of the men had gathered outside the club, waiting for the doormen to emerge. The taxi carrying the doormen was tailed by two suspects, relatives of the injured men, named as Muhammad Badir, the gunman, and his cousin, Ayman Taha, the driver, both residents of Kafr Kasim. When the taxi stopped at a street corner, Badir exited his vehicle and fired several shots at the taxi before returning to his car and being driven out of the area by Taha. Police added that the gang had contacted a security guard from the village of Jaljulya who had worked at the Golda club in the past, and who gave the men information on the two targeted bouncers. Badir and Taha will be indicted for murder and conspiracy to commit murder at the Tel Aviv District Court on Thursday. The remainder of the suspects have been released to house arrest.