20,000 roses from Americans given for Remembrance Day

Some 20,000 flowers donated by American Christians and Jews who were upset by the reportedly poor treatment that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu received in the White House last month will be distributed on Remembrance Day.
Jerusalem florist Richard Kovler allocated the flowers on Sunday to army units, Border Police and organizations helping victims of terror, for memorial ceremonies that will be held Monday across the country.
“It’s a nice gesture of friendship at a time of bereavement to let Israelis know that Americans care about them,” Kovler said.
Morethan 2,100 dozen roses, totaling more than 25,000 flowers, were donatedin a campaign led by US radio host Janet Porter’s Faith2actionorganization. About 6,000 flowers were distributed to Jerusalemhospitals on April 11, and one bouquet of 100 flowers was symbolicallygiven to Netanyahu.
In a thank-you letter to Porter, Netanyahusaid he had no doubt that the flowers had touched the hearts of thosewho received them and that her unwavering support for Israel was deeplyappreciated.