3 killed, at least 12 injured in road accidents

Three people were killed and at least a dozen moderately-to-seriously injured in several major vehicle collisions Thursday, putting an end to a week that seemed to be characterized by its low tally of deaths on Israel's roadways. On Wednesday morning, 65-year-old Shalom Menahem, a Kfar Saba resident, was killed when a commercial vehicle and a car collided in a rear-end collision. Later Thursday, a motorcycle crashed into a Dan Company Bus 43, as it was turning in to the company's parking facility in Bat Yam. The motorcycle's 23-year-old rider, a local resident, was pronounced dead on the scene. Police later detained the bus driver for questioning in the incident. Shortly after the collision in Bat Yam, one woman was killed, one person seriously injured and three others, including an infant were hospitalized in moderate condition after the car in which they were traveling overturned on Route 4, near the Pri-Or Junction. Immediately after crossing the junction, the northbound-traveling vehicle swerved toward the divider separating the lane in which the car was driving from the oncoming traffic. The driver apparently overcompensated, and while trying to put the vehicle back on course, lost control of the vehicle, which overturned.