62 Things I love about Israel

You've waited all year and it's finally here. Inspired by last year's "61 more things I love about Israel" and 2008's  "60 things I love about Israel," without further ado, here are 62 more things I love about Israel.
1. I love attending a religious wedding for the laughs that come from hearing "The Final Countdown" played klezmer-style.  I don't know if the band Europe are dead yet but I suspect they're digging their graves so they can someday roll in them.
2. I love how everyone who watched "Avatar" discovered that the Navihave a famous singer named Ninat. Who's their favorite author, JBYehoshua?
3. I love how the Jeopardy crew came here to research the country for their show.  "What are freichot?"
4. I love how this country is a kibbutz galuyot which means thatyou can watch American football with Argentinians and have them saythings like "I ken not watch theez game!  Thees eeez alimut! (violence)"
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