68 election misdemeanors reported

Kadima accuses Likud activists of removing voter slips bearing Livni's name; Meretz claims forgeries.

elderly voting 248.88  (photo credit: AP)
elderly voting 248.88
(photo credit: AP)
By early Tuesday afternoon, parties had filed 68 complaints to Central Elections Committee chairman Eliezer Rivlin over alleged election misdemeanors. Kadima complained that Likud activists had removed voter slips for Tzipi Livni's party in several polling stations, and in Kiryat Bialik, Kadima claimed, police caught several people who allegedly wrecked slips bearing the party's name. Meretz filed a complained in Jerusalem claiming that its slips had been forged, after a voter allegedly found Israel Beiteinu leader Avigdor Lieberman's name on the back of one of them. If the slip would have been used, it would have been automatically disqualified. Israel Beiteinu submitted several complaints of its own, alleging voter-slip shortage, and in Upper Nazareth, there were claims that the party's slips were written in Hebrew and Arabic, causing confusion. In addition, United Torah Judaism supporters were accused by the National Union party of stealing voter slips with the latter's name from dozens of polling stations in Bnei Brak. Meanwhile, the Greens said that there weren't enough slips to vote for the party in Nes Ziona, and Tzbar complained that its slips were missing from several polling stations in Haifa. In related news, a polling official in Jerusalem is suspected of attempting to cast two ballots, Army Radio reported Tuesday afternoon. The official allegedly tried to cast a second vote when he temporarily replaced the chief polling official at the Golomb Street ballot box. The Central Elections Committee was investigating the incident.