7 'Nigerian Sting' suspects to be extradited to US

Supreme Court rejects appeal submitted by Israeli citizens accused of conning hundreds of elderly US citizens out of millions of dollars.

 The Supreme Court on Tuesday rejected an appeal submitted by the suspects in the "Nigerian Sting" affair over the decision by Jerusalem District Court to extradite them to the United States.
The seven Israeli citizens are accused by American authorities of conning hundreds of elderly US citizens out of tens of millions of dollars.
The judges ruled that the Israeli citizens will be extradited to the US within the next 60 days.
Last October the Jerusalem District Court ruled that the seven suspects could be arrested, causing them to submit an appeal to the higher court.
The suspects were arrested in July 2009 by Tel Aviv police after being charged by American authorities for a number of serious violations.
According to the charges the suspects allegedly phoned American pensioners informing them that they had won the lottery and demanded a fee of several thousand dollars for the transfer of the prize money. The money never existed and was not transferred.
The defendants, all in their 20s and 30s, are suspected of building a sophisticated crime network and over the course of four years earned massive profits.