A friendly gas station manager

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Eldad Abir, the 48-year-old victim of Wednesday's shooting attack, was the first person from the settlement of Migdalim to be killed in a terror attack. Abir moved nine years ago with his second wife Debbie to Migdalim, near the Tapuach junction, Liora Yagoda, a Migdalim spokeswoman, told the The Jerusalem Post. "Ever since he arrived here he worked at the gas station," she said. The couple has a three-year-old daughter, Yahel, who attends the kindergarten in Ariel. Abir also has a 17-year-old son from his first marriage, Yagoda said. The couple recently rented an apartment in Ariel and split their time between there and the settlement. "His wife Debbie feared traveling on the roads," said Yagoda. Debbie had been traveling on a bus to Ariel to pick up their daughter when she heard of the shooting at the gas station on the radio. "She called us and asked us. We gave her partial information and then later revealed the terrible news," said Yagoda. Shortly after the attack, social workers, psychologists and settler leaders gathered the community's youth to discuss the attack. "We are a small community of 40 families," she said. Others were sent to assist Abir's wife, who remained at the couple's apartment in Ariel. "He was a very friendly person, and well-liked," said Yagoda. Details of the funeral have yet to be released, according to Ahuva Shilo, spokeswoman of the Samaria Regional Council. She added that Abir's brothers, who live in Argentina, were expected to arrive some time Thursday. "It is possible the funeral will be on Friday," she said. -