Abbas: Security pact under review

Abbas PA reassessing se

The Palestinian Authority is considering reassessing its coordinated security arrangement with Israel in the West Bank, PA President Mahmoud Abbas said Saturday. In an interview with Palestinian television, Abbas said that recent unilateral IDF actions, including the killing of the three Palestinians involved in the murder of Meir Chai near Shavei Shomron, have caused him to reconsider the current joint security pact. "If coordination does not lessen the provocations, we will reappraise [the situation]," he said in the interview. PA sources have said that the IDF killed the three for no reason and that they did not put up any resistance to being arrested. According to Abbas, the current freeze in the Middle East peace talks, along with Israel's recent military excursions have weakened his faith and support of joint security cooperation with Israel. "The provocations and assaults have multiplied recently. We find ourselves at a point in which it is time to reassess our activities. If security cooperation cannot lower the level of provocations, we will reassess the situation." Abbas said. Still, Abbas clarified that security cooperation with Israel is very important. According to the PA leader, the Palestinians are doing everything that is required of them, but they are not doing so for Israel's sake. Abbas also denied recent reports that he was invited for a meeting with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.