Abromovitch replaces Prosor in Foreign Ministry [pg. 4]

Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni on Sunday thanked her ministry's director-general Ron Prosor for his service in the ministry over the past two years, and announced the appointment of lawyer Aharon Abromovitch as Prosor's replacement. Livni emphasized Prosor's contribution to Israel's foreign policy as an "outstanding and respected diplomat." She said that he saw success in the strengthening of relations and cooperation with the Arab world. Livni added that he worked closely with the defense establishment and was involved in sensitive security matters and increased the cooperation between the Foreign Ministry and the various security agencies. Livni said Prosor had been a great help to her when she first took over the ministry. The foreign minister said she would like to continue to make use of Prosor's talents and was considering an appointment to head an embassy in one of the world's "central" capitals for him. In a statement, Livni announced the appointment of former Justice Ministry Director-General Aharon Abromovitch as Prosor's replacement. Abromovitch, who has experience battling money laundering during his time at the Justice Ministry, also served as Jewish Agency director-general between 1999-2001. At the request of Ariel Sharon, Abromovitch headed the committee responsible for drawing up evacuation and compensation legislation for last summer's disengagement from the Gaza Strip.